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We’ve assembled a collection of wood accessories that feature both form and function - classic period styling with a practical side for today’s world.
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    Description   Price    
 TP-P8/P10/P12 - NEW!<br> Treenware   TP-P8/P10/P12 - NEW!
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-SCB<br> Small Candle Box   WTS-SCB
Small Candle Box
 $22.00  Buy Now 
 HW-F35/HW-F46/HW-F57 <BR>Hand-Grained Frames   HW-F35/HW-F46/HW-F57
Hand-Grained Frames
 $23.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-STI<BR> Square Tissue Box Holder   WTS-STI
Square Tissue Box Holder
 $28.00  Buy Now 
 PR-B9<br> 9" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl   PR-B9
9" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 HW-TC <BR> Hand-grained Tissue Cover   HW-TC
Hand-grained Tissue Cover
 $32.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-LTI<BR> Long Tissue Box Holder   WTS-LTI
Long Tissue Box Holder
 $32.00  Buy Now 
 RL-MB-CR  <BR> Crow Magazine Wood Box   RL-MB-CR
Crow Magazine Wood Box
 $58.00  $35.00  Buy Now 
 BTG-TTC <BR> Toilet Top Cover   BTG-TTC
Toilet Top Cover
 $45.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-411<br> Wooden Tea Box   WTS-411
Wooden Tea Box
 $48.00  Buy Now 
 BD-RB<br> Recipe Box   BD-RB
Recipe Box
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 PR-B12<BR> 11" -12" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl   PR-B12
11" -12" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 RM-SBM<br> Carved Sunburst Mirror   RM-SBM
Carved Sunburst Mirror
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 HW-SMB - NEW!<BR> Small Hand Grained Memory Box   HW-SMB - NEW!
Small Hand Grained Memory Box
 $56.00  Buy Now 
 HW-WB <BR> Hand-grained Wine Box   HW-WB
Hand-grained Wine Box
 $62.00  Buy Now 
 BTG-TSB <br> Tall Storage Wall Box   BTG-TSB
Tall Storage Wall Box
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 PR-TTS <BR> Tabletop Server   PR-TTS
Tabletop Server
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 SN-CHA-Special Price - NEW!<br> Chalkboard with Hooks & Print   SN-CHA-Special Price - NEW!
Chalkboard with Hooks & Print
 $89.00  $65.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-TC<br> Thermostat Cover   WTS-TC
Thermostat Cover
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 BTG-6SB <BR>Six Section Display Box   BTG-6SB
Six Section Display Box
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 PR-B15<BR> 15"  Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl   PR-B15
15" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 RM-WMM<br> William & Mary Mirror   RM-WMM
William & Mary Mirror
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 HW-LMB <BR> Hand-grained Memory Box   HW-LMB
Hand-grained Memory Box
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-426<br> Three Drawer Apothecary   WTS-426
Three Drawer Apothecary
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-DB  <br> Wooden Door Box   WTS-DB
Wooden Door Box
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 BTG-3TS - NEW!<BR> 3 Tier Spoon Keep   BTG-3TS - NEW!
3 Tier Spoon Keep
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 RM-CHM<br> Chippendale Mirror   RM-CHM
Chippendale Mirror
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-DTB<br> Tombstone Wall Box   WTS-DTB
Tombstone Wall Box
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-CB<br> Fancy Top Wall Box - Red   WTS-CB
Fancy Top Wall Box - Red
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-PS<br> Plant Stand<br>Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.   WTS-PS
Plant Stand
Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-STC<br> Stovetop Cover   WTS-STC
Stovetop Cover
 $90.00  Buy Now 
 TP-PR - NEW!<br> Plate Rack   TP-PR - NEW!
Plate Rack
 $95.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-MS<br> Mantle Shelf   WTS-MS
Mantle Shelf
 $95.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-SR<br> Fancy Top Spoon Rack   WTS-SR
Fancy Top Spoon Rack
 $95.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-164<br> Bowl Rack   WTS-164
Bowl Rack
 $98.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-290<br> Textile Rack   WTS-290
Textile Rack
 $98.00  Buy Now 
 PR-B17<BR> 17" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl   PR-B17
17" Primitive Aged Wooden Bowl
 $105.00  Buy Now 
 BD-SB<BR> 3 Bin Wooden Storage Box   BD-SB
3 Bin Wooden Storage Box
 $115.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-428<br> Looking Glass   WTS-428
Looking Glass
 $125.00  Buy Now 
 WTS-241<br> Seven Drawer Apothecary   WTS-241
Seven Drawer Apothecary
 $145.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 70 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

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