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Pewter probably owes its origin to the bronze age when an alloy of copper and tin was used to forge weapons. When the proportions of copper and tin were reversed, the result was some rather fine pewter. Since the American colonies were first considered a source of raw materials, and second, a market for finished products, local manufacturing was actively discouraged. England was acknowledged as the source of the finest pewter and totally dominated the American market. As the colonial pewterers began to establish themselves in the mid-1700’s, they remained influenced by their British training and “Old World” designs. Our selection of pewter, while most strongly centered on the period from 1790 - 1840, includes pieces as early as the 1600’s and as late as 1850. While pewter of the period contained from four to eighty-two percent lead, our selections are completely lead-free and are as safe to use as they are beautiful. Both our historically accurate designs and museum quality reproductions have a wonderful patina that gives each piece a nicely aged look.
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    Description   Price    
 OWP-19.13.309<br>Pewter Sugar Spoon   OWP-19.13.309
Pewter Sugar Spoon
 $12.00  $9.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-TS1/TS2/TS3/TS4<br> Pewter Period Teaspoons   TPH-TS1/TS2/TS3/TS4
Pewter Period Teaspoons
 $14.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SBD<br> Scalloped Pewter Butter Dish   TPH-SBD
Scalloped Pewter Butter Dish
 $19.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-CF<br> Colonial Fork   TPH-CF
Colonial Fork
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-EST/TBS/AST<br> Pewter Bottle Stoppers   TPH-EST/TBS/AST
Pewter Bottle Stoppers
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-FF<BR> Fiddleback Pewter Fork   TPH-FF
Fiddleback Pewter Fork
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-S1/S2/S3/S5<BR> Period Pewter Spoons   TPH-S1/S2/S3/S5
Period Pewter Spoons
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-S5/S6/S7/S8/S9<br>Period Pewter Spoons   TPH-S5/S6/S7/S8/S9
Period Pewter Spoons
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SCS<br> Pewter Candlestick   TPH-SCS
Pewter Candlestick
 $21.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-66 - NEW!<BR> Pewter Pie Crust Crimper   TPH-66 - NEW!
Pewter Pie Crust Crimper
 $22.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-S62/S60/S61<BR> Specialty Spoons   TPH-S62/S60/S61
Specialty Spoons
 $22.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-S65 - NEW!<BR> Pewter Spork   TPH-S65 - NEW!
Pewter Spork
 $22.00  Buy Now 
 MB-5792 - NEW!<BR> Pewter Snuffer   MB-5792 - NEW!
Pewter Snuffer
 $24.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SL<br> Small Pewter Ladle   TPH-SL
Small Pewter Ladle
 $26.00  Buy Now 
 MB-6660 - NEW!<BR> 4½" Pewter Plated Candlestick with Handle   MB-6660 - NEW!
4½" Pewter Plated Candlestick with Handle
 $28.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-BD<BR> Pewter Butter Dish   TPH-BD
Pewter Butter Dish
 $28.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SSC<br> Small Salt Cellar   TPH-SSC
Small Salt Cellar
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-COF - NEW!<BR> Pewter Coffee Scoop   TPH-COF - NEW!
Pewter Coffee Scoop
 $34.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-S64 - NEW!<BR> Perforated Serving Spoon   TPH-S64 - NEW!
Perforated Serving Spoon
 $34.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-CFT - NEW!<br> Pewter Cat Face Tray   TPH-CFT - NEW!
Pewter Cat Face Tray
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-FSC<br> Pewter Footed Salt Cellar   TPH-FSC
Pewter Footed Salt Cellar
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 MB-5931 - NEW!<BR> 5" Pewter Salt and Pepper Set   MB-5931 - NEW!
5" Pewter Salt and Pepper Set
 $38.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SC<br> Salt Cellar with Spoon   TPH-SC
Salt Cellar with Spoon
 $38.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-FRC<BR>  Pewter Candle Holder   TPH-FRC
Pewter Candle Holder
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SC8 - NEW!<BR> Pewter Shell Salt Cellar with Spoon   TPH-SC8 - NEW!
Pewter Shell Salt Cellar with Spoon
 $44.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SWS - NEW!<BR> Pewter Swan Salt Cellar   TPH-SWS - NEW!
Pewter Swan Salt Cellar
 $45.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-ESH<br> Eagle Stamp Holder   TPH-ESH
Eagle Stamp Holder
 $46.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-JC - NEW! <BR> Pewter Jefferson Cup   TPH-JC - NEW!
Pewter Jefferson Cup
 $46.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-TIK<br> Traveling Inkwell   TPH-TIK
Traveling Inkwell
 $47.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-LSP - NEW!<BR> Large Pewter Serving Spoon   TPH-LSP - NEW!
Large Pewter Serving Spoon
 $48.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-SB<br> Footed Pewter Sugar Bowl   TPH-SB
Footed Pewter Sugar Bowl
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-FUN - NEW!<BR> Pewter Funnel   TPH-FUN - NEW!
Pewter Funnel
 $56.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-LDL<br> Ladle   TPH-LDL
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-CST<br> Pewter Candlestick   TPH-CST
Pewter Candlestick
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-CR<br> Footed Pewter Creamer   TPH-CR
Footed Pewter Creamer
 $60.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-OIL - NEW!<BR> Pewter Finger Hold Oil Lamp   TPH-OIL - NEW!
Pewter Finger Hold Oil Lamp
 $60.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-PORT - NEW!<BR> Pewter Port Cup   TPH-PORT - NEW!
Pewter Port Cup
 $60.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-INK<br> Desktop Inkwell   TPH-INK
Desktop Inkwell
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-C19 <BR>Scalloped Base Pewter Candlesticks   TPH-C19
Scalloped Base Pewter Candlesticks
 $79.00  Buy Now 
 TPH-GH<BR> 5½" Pewter Garlic Holder   TPH-GH
5½" Pewter Garlic Holder
 $85.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 56 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

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