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We are quite proud of our collection of primitive tin chandeliers. These wonderful reproductions, consisting of both pierced and smooth tin with an aged finish, are replicas of those that may have been found in American homes from 1790 - 1820. All come complete with aged candle drip sleeves (sockets rated for maximum 40 watts each), ceiling canopy, mounting bracket and appropriate chain or hooks for hanging.
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    Description   Price    
 CH-600 <br> Tin Floor Lamp   CH-600
Tin Floor Lamp
 $295.00  Buy Now 
 CH-601   <br> Double Shade Floor Lamp   CH-601
Double Shade Floor Lamp
 $295.00  Buy Now 
 CH-OTL <br> Oval Table Lamp   CH-OTL
Oval Table Lamp
 $170.00  Buy Now 
 CH-T410<br> 4 Bulb Table Lamp   CH-T410
4 Bulb Table Lamp
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 CH-T432 - NEW!<BR> Single Tin Table Lamp   CH-T432 - NEW!
Single Tin Table Lamp
 $149.00  Buy Now 
 CT-25/40<br> Clear Candelabra Bulbs   CT-25/40
Clear Candelabra Bulbs
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 CT-3/6/15<br> Silicone Dipped Bulbs   CT-3/6/15
Silicone Dipped Bulbs
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 CT-3F<br> 3 Watt Silicone Dipped Flicker Bulb   CT-3F
3 Watt Silicone Dipped Flicker Bulb
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 CT-M3  <BR> 3 Watt Mini Silicone Bulb   CT-M3
3 Watt Mini Silicone Bulb
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 IR-CML <br> Tin Candlemold Lamp with Shade   IR-CML
Tin Candlemold Lamp with Shade
 $175.00  $152.00  Buy Now 
 IR-DCL <br>Tin Double Ceiling Light   IR-DCL
Tin Double Ceiling Light
 $115.00  Buy Now 
 IR-EB - NEW!<br> Edison Candelabra Bulb   IR-EB - NEW!
Edison Candelabra Bulb
 $5.00  Buy Now 
 IR-HSL <br> 4 Arm Homespun Shade Light   IR-HSL
4 Arm Homespun Shade Light
 $245.00  Buy Now 
 IR-LVL <br> Lakeview Lantern   IR-LVL
Lakeview Lantern
 $150.00  Buy Now 
 IR-PSL <br> Petite Shade Light   IR-PSL
Petite Shade Light
 $68.00  Buy Now 
 IR-RCL - NEW!<br> punched Round Ceiling Light   IR-RCL - NEW!
punched Round Ceiling Light
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 IR-RL - NEW!<br> Electric Revere Punched Downlight   IR-RL - NEW!
Electric Revere Punched Downlight
 $90.00  Buy Now 
 IR-RLS <BR> Wall Revere Lantern with Scroll   IR-RLS
Wall Revere Lantern with Scroll
 $78.00  Buy Now 
 IR-SCL <br> Tin Single Ceiling Light   IR-SCL
Tin Single Ceiling Light
 $95.00  Buy Now 
 IR-SL  <BR> Square Punched Tin Lantern with Door   IR-SL
Square Punched Tin Lantern with Door
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 IR-SSC  <br> Five Arm Tin Pierced Chandelier   IR-SSC
Five Arm Tin Pierced Chandelier
 $235.00  Buy Now 
 IR-WSL <br> Tin Pierced Down Light   IR-WSL
Tin Pierced Down Light
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 TP-144C  <BR> Newport Tin Candle Sconce   TP-144C
Newport Tin Candle Sconce
 $105.00  $80.00  Buy Now 
 TP-178 <BR> Simple Tin Candle Sconce   TP-178
Simple Tin Candle Sconce
 $24.00  Buy Now 
 TP-182  <BR> Tin Candle Tray with Snuffer   TP-182
Tin Candle Tray with Snuffer
 $52.00  Buy Now 
 TP-190 - NEW!<BR> Fan Top Candle Sconce   TP-190 - NEW!
Fan Top Candle Sconce
 $20.00  $14.00  Buy Now 
 TP-193 - NEW!<BR> Concave Oval Candle Sconce   TP-193 - NEW!
Concave Oval Candle Sconce
 $48.00  Buy Now 
 TP-263 <BR>Tin 3 Arm Candelabra   TP-263
Tin 3 Arm Candelabra
 $115.00  Buy Now 
 TP-273 - NEW!<BR> Electric Tin Candle Style Light   TP-273 - NEW!
Electric Tin Candle Style Light
 $39.00  $28.00  Buy Now 
 TP-2FS <br> Double Sconce   TP-2FS
Double Sconce
 $59.00  $36.00  Buy Now 
 TP-AL <br> Arch Candle   TP-AL
Arch Candle
 $17.00  Buy Now 
 TP-CL  <br> Carver's Lamp   TP-CL
Carver's Lamp
 $52.00  Buy Now 
 TP-CS - NEW!<BR> Candle Slide   TP-CS - NEW!
Candle Slide
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 TP-IN - NEW!<br> Inside Tin Bowl Candle Holder   TP-IN - NEW!
Inside Tin Bowl Candle Holder
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 TP-OUT - NEW!<br> Outside Tin Bowl Candle Holder   TP-OUT - NEW!
Outside Tin Bowl Candle Holder
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 TP-SHK <br> Shaker Holder   TP-SHK
Shaker Holder
 $29.00  $20.00  Buy Now 
 TP-WL - NEW!<br> Tin Window Light with Tiny Tim Bulb   TP-WL - NEW!
Tin Window Light with Tiny Tim Bulb
 $19.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 37 (of 37 products) Result Pages:  1 

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