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This artwork is mounted on stretched canvas. It features a beautifully aged crackled finish with hand tacked edges that replicates the feeling of an old oil painting.
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    Description   Price    
 SN-2H  <BR> Two White Houses Giclee Framed Print   SN-2H
Two White Houses Giclee Framed Print
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 SN-WS  <BR> White Sheep Giclee Framed Print   SN-WS
White Sheep Giclee Framed Print
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 RM-M01<br> Red Sky Canvas Transfer   RM-M01
Red Sky Canvas Transfer
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 RM-M02<br> Girl with Cat Canvas Transfer   RM-M02
Girl with Cat Canvas Transfer
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 RM-M03<br> Baby With Sock Canvas Transfer   RM-M03
Baby With Sock Canvas Transfer
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 RM-M04<br> "Captain" Canvas Transfer   RM-M04
"Captain" Canvas Transfer
 $58.00  Buy Now 
 MB-543 <BR> "The Chase" Artwork   MB-543
"The Chase" Artwork
 $115.00  $80.00  Buy Now 
 RM-029<br> Basket of Fruit Canvas Transfer   RM-029
Basket of Fruit Canvas Transfer
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-032<br> Torrey Family Children   RM-032
Torrey Family Children
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-044<br> Two Children With Dog "Minny"   RM-044
Two Children With Dog "Minny"
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-082<br> George Washington   RM-082
George Washington
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-497<br> Thomas Jefferson   RM-497
Thomas Jefferson
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-499<br> Abraham Lincoln   RM-499
Abraham Lincoln
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-BC <br> Boy with Cat Canvas Transfer   RM-BC
Boy with Cat Canvas Transfer
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-GR  <br> Girl with Rose Canvas Transfer   RM-GR
Girl with Rose Canvas Transfer
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-HL<br> Highlander   RM-HL
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-MM1<br> Mr. Miner & Son   RM-MM1
Mr. Miner & Son
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-MM2<br> Mrs. Miner & Daughter   RM-MM2
Mrs. Miner & Daughter
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-YGB<BR> Young Girl & Boy Pair   RM-YGB
Young Girl & Boy Pair
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 RM-AT<BR> Abiah Tucker   RM-AT
Abiah Tucker
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 RM-GPB<br> Girl in Pink with Brother   RM-GPB
Girl in Pink with Brother
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 RM-JT<BR> John Tucker   RM-JT
John Tucker
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 RM-008<br> Mrs. Palmer & Twins   RM-008
Mrs. Palmer & Twins
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-034<br> Cheever Children   RM-034
Cheever Children
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-057<br> Outing On The Hudson   RM-057
Outing On The Hudson
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-265<br> Schooner Montana   RM-265
Schooner Montana
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-482<br> George & Emma Eastman   RM-482
George & Emma Eastman
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-609<br> A Prospect of Southwick House   RM-609
A Prospect of Southwick House
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-ME1<BR> Mrs. Eldredge   RM-ME1
Mrs. Eldredge
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-ME2<BR> Mr. Eldredge   RM-ME2
Mr. Eldredge
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-MP1<br> Mrs. Pierce   RM-MP1
Mrs. Pierce
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-MP2<br> Mr. Pierce   RM-MP2
Mr. Pierce
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-SC<br> Sea Captain Canvas Transfer   RM-SC
Sea Captain Canvas Transfer
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 RM-485<br> Two Gentlemen With Their Gig   RM-485
Two Gentlemen With Their Gig
 $190.00  Buy Now 
 RM-CC<br> Yankee Clipper Cardelia Canvas Transfer   RM-CC
Yankee Clipper Cardelia Canvas Transfer
 $190.00  Buy Now 
 RM-ST<br> Smart Turnout Canvas Transfer   RM-ST
Smart Turnout Canvas Transfer
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 RM-117<br> View of Glass Lake   RM-117
View of Glass Lake
 $210.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 37 (of 37 products) Result Pages:  1 

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