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We have gathered an exciting collection of original artwork including hand-stenciled stitcheries, hand-cut silhouettes and watercolors to decorate your walls. All are exclusive to Circa 1820. Each piece is hand-made individually and signed by the artist. No two are alike.
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    Description   Price    
 #1101 - NEW!<br> Cats on Parade Gourd   #1101 - NEW!
Cats on Parade Gourd
 $32.00  Buy Now 
 #1102 - NEW!<br> Scary Night Gourd   #1102 - NEW!
Scary Night Gourd
 $32.00  Buy Now 
 #1103 - NEW!<br> Set of 3 Cat Gourds   #1103 - NEW!
Set of 3 Cat Gourds
 $29.00  Buy Now 
 #1146 - NEW!<br> The Chase Silhouette   #1146 - NEW!
The Chase Silhouette
 $39.00  Buy Now 
 #1147 - NEW!<br> Pumpkin Silhouette   #1147 - NEW!
Pumpkin Silhouette
 $49.00  Buy Now 
 #1187/CB-OWL - NEW!<br> Owl Theorem   #1187/CB-OWL - NEW!
Owl Theorem
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 #1188 - NEW!<br> Apple Tree Theorem - due in Oct   #1188 - NEW!
Apple Tree Theorem - due in Oct
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-63 - NEW!<br> Patriotic Lady with Torch   BHS-63 - NEW!
Patriotic Lady with Torch
 $98.00  $80.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-AB - NEW!<br> Anericana Bird with Banner   BHS-AB - NEW!
Anericana Bird with Banner
 $32.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-B1<br> Yellow Bird in Blue Dress   BHS-B1
Yellow Bird in Blue Dress
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-B2<br> White Bird in Red Dress   BHS-B2
White Bird in Red Dress
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-BBA <BR> Blackbird on Arrow Wall Art   BHS-BBA
Blackbird on Arrow Wall Art
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-BBF <br> Bluebird with Top Hat and Flag   BHS-BBF
Bluebird with Top Hat and Flag
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-BBT  <br> Bluebird with Tophat   BHS-BBT
Bluebird with Tophat
 $29.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-BSI - NEW!<br> Black Swan Inn Wood Sign   BHS-BSI - NEW!
Black Swan Inn Wood Sign
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-BUM <br> Bumble Bee   BHS-BUM
Bumble Bee
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-JFH <BR> Jack Frost Bird House   BHS-JFH
Jack Frost Bird House
 $50.00  $14.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-LB <br> Ladybug   BHS-LB
 $15.00  Buy Now 
Snowman Family
 $39.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-RWC - NEW!<br> Red & White Spotted Chicken   BHS-RWC - NEW!
Red & White Spotted Chicken
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-TRB - NEW!<BR> Red Bird on Tall Post   BHS-TRB - NEW!
Red Bird on Tall Post
 $49.00  $32.00  Buy Now 
 BHS-WI - NEW!<br> Whaler's Inn Wood Sign   BHS-WI - NEW!
Whaler's Inn Wood Sign
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 CB-07 - NEW!<br> Wood Bowl with Fruit Theorem   CB-07 - NEW!
Wood Bowl with Fruit Theorem
 $160.00  Buy Now 
 CB-123<BR> Summer Tree Theorem Painting   CB-123
Summer Tree Theorem Painting
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 CB-146<BR> Bluebird Theorem Painting   CB-146
Bluebird Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-18 - NEW!<br> Tall Fruit Theorem   CB-18 - NEW!
Tall Fruit Theorem
 $105.00  Buy Now 
 CB-43<br> Chickadee Theorem Painting   CB-43
Chickadee Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-45<br> Finch Theorem   CB-45
Finch Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-46 <BR> Male Cardinal Theorem Painting   CB-46
Male Cardinal Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-54<BR> Wren Theorem   CB-54
Wren Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-59 - NEW!<BR>3 Miniature Theorems   CB-59 - NEW!
3 Miniature Theorems
 $68.00  Buy Now 
 CB-BERRY - NEW!<br> Bird on Berry Theorem   CB-BERRY - NEW!
Bird on Berry Theorem
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 CB-BIH - NEW!<BR> Bird in Hand Theorem   CB-BIH - NEW!
Bird in Hand Theorem
 $49.00  Buy Now 
 CB-FB - NEW!<br> Female Bluebird Theorem   CB-FB - NEW!
Female Bluebird Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-FOX - NEW!<br> Fox Theorem   CB-FOX - NEW!
Fox Theorem
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 CB-PEAR - NEW!<br> Bird on Pear Theorem   CB-PEAR - NEW!
Bird on Pear Theorem
 $59.00  Buy Now 
 CB-SHE - NEW!<br> Sheep & Village Theorem   CB-SHE - NEW!
Sheep & Village Theorem
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 CB-TT - NEW!<br> Tufted Titmouse Theorem   CB-TT - NEW!
Tufted Titmouse Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 LE-BPIL - NEW!<BR> Floral and Bee Pillow   LE-BPIL - NEW!
Floral and Bee Pillow
 $58.00  $40.00  Buy Now 
 LE-BS - NEW!<BR> Beeskep   LE-BS - NEW!
 $62.00  $48.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 57 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next>>] 

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