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We have gathered an exciting collection of original artwork including hand-stenciled stitcheries, hand-cut silhouettes and watercolors to decorate your walls. All are exclusive to Circa 1820. Each piece is hand-made individually and signed by the artist. No two are alike.
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    Description   Price    
 BH-2RB - NEW! <br> 2 Red Birds on Tree   BH-2RB - NEW!
2 Red Birds on Tree
 $24.00  Buy Now 
 BH-3BB - NEW! <br> 3 Black Birds on Metal Arrow   BH-3BB - NEW!
3 Black Birds on Metal Arrow
 $78.00  Buy Now 
 BH-BBS - NEW! <br> Black Bird with Sunflower   BH-BBS - NEW!
Black Bird with Sunflower
 $24.00  Buy Now 
 BH-RH - NEW! <br> Red House & 2 Black Birds   BH-RH - NEW!
Red House & 2 Black Birds
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 BH-X2 <br> Snowman Weathervane   BH-X2
Snowman Weathervane
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 CB-141<BR> Cardinal Theorem Painting   CB-141
Cardinal Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-146<BR> Bluebird Theorem Painting   CB-146
Bluebird Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-22 - NEW!<br> Girl with Rose Theorem   CB-22 - NEW!
Girl with Rose Theorem
 $55.00  Buy Now 
 CB-23 - NEW!<BR> Gentleman w Bird Theorem   CB-23 - NEW!
Gentleman w Bird Theorem
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 CB-43 - NEW!<br> Chickadee Theorem Painting   CB-43 - NEW!
Chickadee Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-45 - NEW!<br> Finch Theorem   CB-45 - NEW!
Finch Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-46 - NEW!<BR> Male Cardinal Theorem Painting   CB-46 - NEW!
Male Cardinal Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-47 - NEW!<BR> Female Cardinal Theorem Painting   CB-47 - NEW!
Female Cardinal Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-50 - NEW!<BR> Cedar Waxwing Theorem Painting   CB-50 - NEW!
Cedar Waxwing Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-54 - NEW!<BR> Wren Theorem   CB-54 - NEW!
Wren Theorem
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 CB-TM - NEW!<BR> Titmouse Theorem Painting   CB-TM - NEW!
Titmouse Theorem Painting
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 DTE-TO<br> Tombstone Impression Ornaments   DTE-TO
Tombstone Impression Ornaments
 $10.00  $7.00  Buy Now 
 ER-ST <br> Original Stag Painting   ER-ST
Original Stag Painting
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 KG-HCM<br> Wares of Hard Common Metal Sign   KG-HCM
Wares of Hard Common Metal Sign
 $145.00  Buy Now 
 MB-126 - NEW!<BR>Cora Arnold Sampler   MB-126 - NEW!
Cora Arnold Sampler
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 MB-131 - NEW!<BR>Christain MacMillan Sampler   MB-131 - NEW!
Christain MacMillan Sampler
 $185.00  Buy Now 
 MB-132  - NEW!<BR> Elizabeth Purkey Sampler   MB-132 - NEW!
Elizabeth Purkey Sampler
 $165.00  Buy Now 
 MB-142 - NEW!<BR> Rachael Kohler Sampler   MB-142 - NEW!
Rachael Kohler Sampler
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 NV-CFP - New! <br> Cat Folkart Painting   NV-CFP - New!
Cat Folkart Painting
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 NV-CPR - NEW! <br> Cotton Pickin' Hooked Rug   NV-CPR - NEW!
Cotton Pickin' Hooked Rug
 $395.00  Buy Now 
 NV-FWA - NEW!<BR> Wooden Folk Art Wall Hanging   NV-FWA - NEW!
Wooden Folk Art Wall Hanging
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 NV-SB <br> Believe Sign   NV-SB
Believe Sign
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-DO<BR> Tin Dove Wall Art   RBE-DO
Tin Dove Wall Art
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-FISH<BR> Tin Fish w Gold Patina   RBE-FISH
Tin Fish w Gold Patina
 $155.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-HS<br> Tin Galloping Black Horse   RBE-HS
Tin Galloping Black Horse
 $250.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-MH<BR> Tin Morgan Horse on Base   RBE-MH
Tin Morgan Horse on Base
 $325.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-RO<br> Tin Red Rooster   RBE-RO
Tin Red Rooster
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 RBE-RTR<BR> Tin Chicken Tobacco Stick Rack   RBE-RTR
Tin Chicken Tobacco Stick Rack
 $98.00  $73.00  Buy Now 
 RH-CA - NEW!<BR> Tin Choir Angel   RH-CA - NEW!
Tin Choir Angel
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 RH-CT - NEW!<BR> Punched Tin Candle Tray   RH-CT - NEW!
Punched Tin Candle Tray
 $89.00  Buy Now 
 RH-FA<br> Tin Flying Angel   RH-FA
Tin Flying Angel
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 RH-HA - NEW!<BR> Tin Heart Angel   RH-HA - NEW!
Tin Heart Angel
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 RH-SA<br> Smiling Tin Angel   RH-SA
Smiling Tin Angel
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 RH-TA<br> Tin Tombstone Angel   RH-TA
Tin Tombstone Angel
 $60.00  Buy Now 
 WHH-2G - NEW!<BR> Two Gloves Silhouette   WHH-2G - NEW!
Two Gloves Silhouette
 $50.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 40 (of 55 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next>>] 

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